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About New Ocean Rocketry

My three Virginia nephews and I comprise New Ocean Rocketry.  Our spacemodeling origins date to 1967.  That year, my oldest brother and two of his high school classmates were among the pioneer model rocketeers in our native Knoxville, Tennessee.  In the nearly half-century since, several members of our family have pursued what Estes Industries dubbed "the safe, scientific hobby," model rocketry.

Perhaps more important is our reason for designing, building and launching space models.  Our family has an even longer tradition of enthusiastically supporting American missile development and space exploration.  From the very infancy of those programs, we regularly toured their facilities and were present for many historic launches.  We continue to be inspired by the engineering marvels we had the good fortune to witness "up close and personal."  Our kitbuilt and scratchbuilt miniature versions are a tribute to the real thing.  In recent years, we adopted the New Ocean Rocketry moniker in tribute to President John F. Kennedy's vision of American leadership in space exploration.

We appreciate your visit to our website and hope you'll come back often.  Please feel free to E-mail us, whether just to say hello or to ask about our next launch!

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